About Max Müller

I have joined Stylight as its first full-time employee in 2009. Today, I’m one of the company’s Managing Directors and lead a great team of editors, designers, researchers, product managers, and online marketeers building our brand and challenging the status quo of content-meets-commerce. In 2016 Forbes put me on the magazine’s 30 under 30 list.

“Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

I was born and raised in Bavaria. I have been engrossed in the web since my teenage years. I studied Business Administration at LMU and Technology Management at CDTM in Munich with a term abroad at Columbia Business School in New York City. Through numberless internships and freelance work during my studies I became familiar with the business side of the web, and I’ve been working in the digital industry ever since.

“I’m excited about the road ahead. Onward!”

Right after graduating I started workin at Stylight. I went from being responsible for design and jack-of-all-trades, over Head of Product to EVP for one of two business units. I helped the company to grow from 0 to millions of visits and we are still far from finished. In March 2015 I have completed a part-time MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, while working full-time at Stylight. I’m excited about the road ahead. Onward!

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